Saturday, 14 July 2012

Right to piracy

Remember those old days, when you could record radio songs, when you could record programs from your TV using VCR. Those were the golden days, but now if you save a youtube song on your laptop, you are a criminal. If you record telecasted movies on a DVD, you are a thief. Making private copies of a public broadcast makes you a pirate? Where is the morality in that? After the first public broadcast, the content must be free for private use.
The way I see it, on a broader perspective, there is restriction on freedom. Today, its restriction on digital content and tomorrow, it will be communication and after that your thoughts and ideas. The patent laws are expanding their coverage from exotic technology to main stream ideas. The unholy alliance between tech giants have been responded with counter patents, rather than seeing the abolishment of stone age laws.
Think of the schools you went to. What if tomorrow they say that the information you studied cannot be applied or passed on? Moreover in schools we are taught to share. Theft is taking the original, but piracy makes a copy for private use. Selling it commercially must be banned and seen as theft. In other words piracy must be free.
music sharing
Do you know that digital revenues grew by 5.3% year on year to $4.6bn to account for 29% of all recorded music revenues.[]. So its not a matter of survival rather greed that makes then stop making private copies.
However I am against the idea of selling latest products stolen from a private screening. Call me anti-establishment but also call be free thinker.