Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My College girlfriend.

We were new to the college, fresh from our higher secondary school. The dreamland where we are treated as adults, where we can bunk the class and go to movies. Place where teachers will not scold us or ask us to do homework. And above all where we could have a girlfriend.
After the first week, it became obvious that things are not what they seem. Yes, you can bunk the classes but it will permanently go into your attendance files. Scolding is replaced by insults and the new name for homework is project work. At least we can have proper girlfriends and that was the only hope that was bringing us to the college. But there again we are faced with more challenges. First of all college girls are more mean towards you, which makes you wonder what happened to the sweet school girls who used to help you with your homework and exams. Man, they have all changed!
Anyway luck favours the brave and we choose to be brave, on other hand what’s there to lose?
The hunt begins. The best ones are pre-booked by college seniors and we don’t want to mess with them. The average ones are taken by the movie-star lookalikes in the class. And there is tough competition to get the rest. I realised that I was late to the playground and my choices are fast running out.
Just when you though all hopes are lost, there is a ray of hope. It came as a beautiful warm gaze from one of the beautiful-girl group during that long and boring Hindi Literature session. First I could not believe that she was looking at me. Or is it someone behind me? I slowly turned my head around and to my relief, it was the college wall with dull white paint behind me. Still I wasn’t convinced, is she having one of those daydreams, where you look at something and let your mind run free? May be I was that something and who wouldn’t daydream in Hindi class? But wait, she is smiling at me. How should I respond? Should I smile back (polite response) or say hi (show that I am brave)? So I did the obvious, I looked down. When I looked at her again, she was still looking at me, still with that infectious smile. But she slowly turned her attention to her book and was reading something to herself.
She had me with that first gaze. The sun looked warmer, the breeze cooler and the rain was singing. Even the college toilet was looking like a throne. Things that hormones does to you!!
I managed to find her name, it was Helen {obviously name changed here}. After 2 days I managed to smile back at her but didn’t have the courage to talk to her. What’s the rush, she is not going to go anywhere? Or would she? There are boys still hunting. I better check with my friends to see how they have progressed? Pity on them, I thought. Why are they not lucky like me?
One evening, I, Sandeep {name NOT changed}, Faisal {name NOT changed}, Niyaz {name NOT changed} and couple of other guys met together in the playground after the college. We were talking about usual stuffs, bikes and cricket. After some time, we slipped to the obvious topic, girls. I was happy to find out that all of them have made good progress except of Faisal who was rejected and was called an idiot by a girl. Poor fellow, we gave him courage and support.
When it was my turn to talk, I told them that there is an angle for me and I gave them a clue that she is in the Hindi literature class. Everyone was anxious. Finally after a lot of persuasion I told them that it was Helen. Sandeep was shell shocked. He told me to forget her since she is already in love with him. I told him that’s impossible, since she smiles at me and told him about that amazing gaze she gives me. Sandeep told me that it is the same gaze that gave him several sleepless nights.
To our surprise, Niyaz shouted at both of us. He claimed that the gaze was meant for him since he sits in our path and is the first in her path. He obviously has a point but we will never agree to that. After all we 3 sit somewhere in the same line of sight.
We all then came to a consensus. The next day we 3 will walk up to Helen and ask her who she really loves? For who was that beautiful smile meant to be and who is that beautiful gaze targeting?
Faisal, who was silent till that moment, suddenly said, “No need guys. I already asked her. She was the one who rejected her. She is just counting the number of idiots in the class.”
Only then did we understand the game. She was marking us out one at a time and we fools jumped into her trap. Talk about black widow spider, this is the human version.
Now looking back at this story, we still laugh at these beautiful moments. The following years we were seniors and our classmates had no choice. The tables were turned!!!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Right to piracy

Remember those old days, when you could record radio songs, when you could record programs from your TV using VCR. Those were the golden days, but now if you save a youtube song on your laptop, you are a criminal. If you record telecasted movies on a DVD, you are a thief. Making private copies of a public broadcast makes you a pirate? Where is the morality in that? After the first public broadcast, the content must be free for private use.
The way I see it, on a broader perspective, there is restriction on freedom. Today, its restriction on digital content and tomorrow, it will be communication and after that your thoughts and ideas. The patent laws are expanding their coverage from exotic technology to main stream ideas. The unholy alliance between tech giants have been responded with counter patents, rather than seeing the abolishment of stone age laws.
Think of the schools you went to. What if tomorrow they say that the information you studied cannot be applied or passed on? Moreover in schools we are taught to share. Theft is taking the original, but piracy makes a copy for private use. Selling it commercially must be banned and seen as theft. In other words piracy must be free.
music sharing
Do you know that digital revenues grew by 5.3% year on year to $4.6bn to account for 29% of all recorded music revenues.[]. So its not a matter of survival rather greed that makes then stop making private copies.
However I am against the idea of selling latest products stolen from a private screening. Call me anti-establishment but also call be free thinker.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Human: herbivore or carnivore or omnivore

When searching the internet for dietary advices, one is easily mislead with propaganda and lack of scientific knowledge. We usually come across debates on whether human beings are herbivores, carnivorous or omnivores. In schools we have always learned that human come under omnivore. But a lot of blogs and sites back the idea of human being herbivore. Let’s look at some of their usual claims and the scientific fact.
Most of the arguments are not even related to the species digestion. Like the argument of relation between the facial muscles in a species to the food it eats. It’s like saying I know to speak English and therefore I am an English man. Absolutely absurd and ridiculous.
Even the length of the canine teeth could be misleading. Have you seen the canines on a gorilla? Can you infer that it is the largest meat eater?
gorilla canine
How about the Panda? Its diet is made of 99% bamboo shoots. Have you seen the canines on them?
Yes, there are carnivores with long canines and herbivores with flat canines. But you will have to look look at a more scientific way rather than measuring the length of canines.
cat_canine_teethcattle-teethimggoat teethdog caninehumanteethLion Teeth
A wolf eats a lot of meat but wolves will supplement their diet with fruit and vegetable matter; they willingly eat the berries of mountain ash, lily of the valley, bilberries, blueberries andcowberry. Other fruits include nightshade, apples and pears. They readily visit melon fields during the summer monthswolf-teeth
So looking at canine and saying something unscientific is another way of showing your ignorance.
Even more idiotic is looking at the nails. Comparing the manicured nails of human to that to wild animal is nothing short of being ludicrous in its highest form. And more outlandish is comparing that to hooves of cattle to determine the diet of human. Insane!!!
Let’s look at some of the main arguments.
1. The most common argument is the length of the intestines of human, herbivores and carnivores. I am posting below some of the images. I am sure many of you will recollect them from your school days.
The claim is actually a contradiction where the length is longer in carnivores and omnivorous but smaller in herbivorous.
2. Another famous misleading argument is the pH level of stomach.
The pH of gastric acid is 1.35 to 3.5 in the human stomach lumen, the acidity being maintained by the proton pump H+/K+ ATPase. The parietal cell releases bicarbonate into the blood stream in the process, which causes a temporary rise of pH in the blood, known as alkaline tide.The pH of your stomach is very acidic it ranges between 1.5-3pH, it is maintained by hydrochloric acid (HCL) and gastrin. A specific enzyme, pepsin, is activated and works best on digesting proteins in the acidic environment.
The stomach is acidic in order to kill any bacteria that enter the stomach. The acid does not break down food, but contains an enzyme called protease, a form of pepsin, which breaks down proteins into polypeptide chains. No further digestion takes place in the stomach, as this takes place in the ileum, small intestine. The stomach has to maintain its acidity for the enzyme protease to function. The stomach acid is very acidic, but is also quite dilute, and the acid (Hydrochloric Acid) is fairly harmless in this diluted state.
The pH of a cow's stomach is 6.5 to 7. Maintaining rumen pH levels between 5.9 to 6.2 can optimize microbial yield and VFA production. Cow has four stomachs: first two are weakly alkaline so bacteria can live in them, the fourth one=the real stomach=abomasum is acidic, like any stomach. the third one=omasum is somewhere in between, but probably much closer to the rumen and reticulum, as its function is mainly to absorb water, not acid hydrolysis.
The dog's stomach will produce some large amounts of strong acid, thus lowering the pH level down to somewhere between 1 and 2! Now, pH=1 corresponds to an acidity you would obtain with a 0.4% solution of Hydrochloric acid!
3. I like this argument a lot : When you see a dead animal on the road, do you feel to eat it? (A question in favour of vegetarians) In the same way, if you see a tomato in the gutter, do you grab it and devour it?
4. Now let’s look at the way a herbivore digests vegetation. A cow has 4 stomachs (actually 1 stomach but 4 compartments) which digest cellulose by fermentation. This is facilitated by the microbes (bacteria, protozoa, fungi, archaea, and viruses) in the rumen which digest the food. These microbes are the actually reason why herbivores digest the vegetation that it consumes. Humans on the other hand lack these cellulose breaking microbes and rumen. We cannot digest grass or leaves in its natural form.
5. Saliva indicate we could be omnivores. Saliva and urine data vary, depending on diet, not taxonomic group.
6.BAPN(beta-aminopropionitrile) is also a metabolic product of a compound present in sprouts of grasspea, pea and lentils. BAPN cause skeletal disorder because it affects the bones and connecting tissues.
Raw cashews contain urushiol, which is the same chemical that you’d find in poison ivy. It can cause the body to have a very similar reaction to one experienced from poison oak or ivy. If a high level of urushiol is ingested, it can be deadly.
If you’ve ever looked at a potato, you may have realized that some turn a greenish colour. This is due to levels of glycoalkaloid poison. In the past, there have been deaths due to potato poisoning. It is rare, but most happen due to someone drinking potato leaf tea, or eating green potatoes. Death doesn’t come suddenly. It usually results in weakness and then a coma. Don’t worry about having the occasional green potato chip, but do discard any potatoes that have green eyes, sprouts, or greenish skins, rather than prepare and serve them, especially to children.
Amonds without heating are poisonous, because it has cyanide. As well as Apple seeds have cyanide.
Eating too much of meat can lead to cancer and cholesterol.
Tomato leaves and parts contain glycoalkaloid which is actually very poisonous.
7. Only animal food have Vitamin B12 in human usable form. It’s easier to get protein from animal products than eating very substantial amount of protein rich vegetation. And minerals like iron, calcium and zinc come easy from meat.
human  Digest
Instead of me deriving the conclusion, accept the facts and eat healthy. The best diet is a balanced diet of green and meat. The answer at this point is certain, we are neither carnivore or herbivore, but a classic omnivore.
The best arguments in support of a meat-free diet remain ecological, ethical, and health concerns
NOTE: Milk is broken down by an enzyme called lactase in mammals. Humans being mammals have this ability in their infancy but as we grow old we produce less of this enzyme. By the child reaches 6-7 years, this ability is very diminished. So drinking milk is arguably not advantageous once you reach your adulthood compared to your childhood.
We get almost all our energy by burning oxygen in our body. That’s why we breathe. Let’s not breath in carbon di oxide which is actually our waste product. It’s like eating our shit. But better than inhaling carbon monoxide. Nicotine and tar. Stop smoking because its actually poisonous to you and the people around you.
I will be adding more of the arguments as I go along with the actual scientific facts behind them. Why because people believe whatever is written on the internet without verifying the facts.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The man who invented slow motion.

Have you ever seen a person move so slow that he appears stationary? This is the story of such a person. His name is Shashi (fake name). He has this ability to ride his bicycle so slow that even old people would walk past him.
But I am going to speak of his other ability, one that is so unique to him. He is a living magnet of the cricket ball. He could attract any cricket ball going in some other direction to divert and hit him on his chest. For a guy with such dangerous quality, his house is in the worst possible location, at the end of a cricket ground. Given his unique ability to attract balls, there are some pretty amazing stories of the ball finding its target in the most unusual ways.
Once he was reading newspaper inside the comfort of his house. The cricket ball went through the open window of his house to crash into his chest making a hole in the newspaper. Once he was playing cards under the shade of a tree at a corner of the ground. The cricket ball went straight to the tree hitting the branch and finding its target. This time it hit his head from behind. The force was so strong that he practically fell face down into the deck of cards and came up with a card in his mouth.
And many times, the ball would fly high only to land on his chest while he is on his bike with precision timing. Of all these stories, one story stands out as the best that I could remember.
It was a very close match between our cricket team and our rival team. It was the last over and our rival team needed 5 runs to win. The match was so interesting that there were many spectators gathered to watch of which one was our Shashi. When the last over was being bowled, our fielders were on their toes stopping every attempt for runs. In the 4th delivery of the over, the batsman hit the ball and it was racing towards the boundary. Our youngest and strongest fielder stopped the ball before it could reach the boundary. While he was collecting the ball in his hands, he noticed that the batsman was looking to run again. The fielder did not think then, he aimed at the wicket keeper and threw the ball with all his might.
Only that the ball slipped from his hands and went straight towards Shashi’s chest who was smoking a cigar. The ball landed on his chest with a thundering sound and threw his cigar away in the force of the impact. The whole cricket ground went silent. We were expecting Shashi to yell at us for what we have done, instead he turned and walked. We thought that it is nothing serious since he is not complaining. But the truth was worse. He walked away for he was out of breath. He was not able to breathe in because of the impact to his chest. There was cigar smoke coming out of his nose like mist as he walked in circles.
After a couple of minutes, he could breathe again and the started shouting at us in all the possible ways. He used words that I haven’t heard of, in different ways I haven’t thought of. After half an hour of yelling, he sat down. People who were gathered around asked us to take him to the hospital and so we did.
In the hospital, the doctor asked us to take an X-ray of his chest. When the doctor examined the results, and analysed the extend of different injuries to his chest, the doctor asked, “Did you boys throw stones at the poor man?”

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Male grooming to beautiful boys.

Anyone who has seen me know from my hair style or lack of it that the way I look is not a burning issue with me. However I understand the rather compelling need of a groom to look his best on his big day and also the need of a film star in a movie to look his best since the eyes of his fans and critics scrutinize his every flaw, now that every video content is in 1080p High Definition.
What annoys me is the long line of male beauty products on the rise. I prefer to use the word beauty products rather than male grooming products because that is what they are. Take for instance the ritual of shaving your face. There is a convenience in using lather and a sharp blade for smooth action. Smooth action and not for smooth or soft face. Softness, that’s not masculine, its feminine. You can even go a step further in justifying the use of an antiseptic, but today I was surprised to see a new product, the pre-shaving cleanser cream. Shaving has moved from a ritual to a celebration of male beauty, not grooming or handsome, but beauty.
It’s disgusting for men to smell of body odour but even more shaming to smell pretty… like a teenage girl. Companies those make these products know the truth cannot sell them as what they are. Else you will find “Cinderella Men’s skin cream”, “Snow White fair cream for Men”, “Sleeping beauty Men’s body lotion”. Therefore they choose to use names of military weapons or fast machines to go with the product name so that men using them do not throw away the little pride left in them. These products are actually competing to make you more girly. If it bothers you so much, why not use permanent hair remover on your face, so that you are one step closer to your ultimate transformation to a pretty girl.
It’s one thing to go to the gym or take martial arts classes but to find oneself in a comfy chair with layers of facial cream and pampering chemicals in your hair; waiting for your turn to wash them off in a queue of pretty ladies is disturbing.
We, men love nice smell, but we love them on the lady beside us and not on us. It is the same case with breasts, we love to watch them on ladies and not grow a pair on our self. Picture your father doing the same. Have a little honour at least for the next generation and remember what your father said, be a man.