Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The sports champ.

Anyone who enters my house will be welcomed by a large trophy showcase. It is filled with trophies of various sports events over a long period of time. Since my father is abroad and my sister is a complete bookworm of medicine, it only natural that everyone assumes I am the proud owner of the trophies. But the truth is; all of them belong to my mother. My mother has been a sports champion all her life. She has even won the medals from former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for the outstanding performance in National Cadet Corps (NCC). Even when I was in college, she would go to competitions and sweep all the trophies in the competitions she could participate. Her specialty was shot put, javelin throw and discus throws.
Once in a competition, she was against the sponsor’s sister in shot put. When the competition started, the judges were seen training the girl. When the competition started, the girl threw the shot put and it slipped from her hands in the first try. The judges immediately said that it was a trial and asked her to retry the first attempt. She threw it again which landed at a fair distance. She looked proud of her achievement and looked straight to our sports club members. The judges went to her to encourage and appreciated her.
Next turn was my mother’s representing our sports club, who just went and picked the shot put and said to the judges that this is not a trial. She then threw the shot put ‘miles’ ahead of the other girl. I could see the judges and the other opponents open their mouth. My mother then said; if anyone crosses that, please inform me, I will do my second attempt. As she was allowed to participate in only 3 items, she won all three with gold medals and a bonus best athlete trophy.
Everyone assembled there would look at me saying, if the mother is that good, what all could her son do? I was around half an inch short of six feet and fairly athletic in appearance at that time. But the similarities end there. My friends would tease me asking me to learn from my mother. I was fed up with these jokes and thought of trying my skills; after all I have the same genes of my mother. The event with the least number of opponents was javelin throw and I selected that for a better chance for gold.
I put on my club jersey and began to warm up before the throw. All the people began to gather around to watch the son of the sports champ in action. This is going to be great. When the event started some of the opponents were hesitant to throw at first looking at my warm-up exercises. When my number was called, I picked up a javelin and started my run-up. I pointed a fair 45 degrees and threw it over my head. Everyone looked towards the horizon to see the javelin disappear, but what they saw was beyond their expectations.
When I threw the javelin over my head, the rear end of the javelin stick hit the back of my head. It was so hard that I landed nose first on the ground. The javelin was lying beside me. The judges picked me up and threw all the water I brought in the bottle on my face. I opened my eyes and could see everyone around me staring in disbelief.
The judge said; Never in his life has he come across such a performance.