Sunday, 4 September 2011

Human Evolution and Hindu mythology.

Without making a boring science lecture, I will keep this short and crisp. The term theory in science means something that explains facts. Like a+b = b+a or the theory of relativity or gravitational theory. So theory of human evolution explains the evolution of the first unicellular organisms to modern human. That’s Science one on one.
Now in Hindu mythology, we find the 10 incarnations of Hindu god Vishnu and couldn’t resist comparing the striking similarities. Here is the comparison.
1. Malsya (Aquatic) Where life originated with first multicellular organisms.
2. Kurma (Amphibian) The transition from aquatic to land creatures.
3. Varaha: (small mammals) Origin of mammals.
4. Narasimha: (Half beast half man) First humanoids.
5. Vamana: (pigmy man) One of the closest species to modern human.
6. Parasuram: (humanoid with tools). The humanoid where the first tools began to appear from stone and bones while being still nomad.
7. Ram: (Forest dwelling settled humanoid). The humanoid which learned to use sophisticated weapons, build houses in the forest from raw materials and wore clothes fashioned from the hide of animals.
8. Krishna: (Cattle rearing and social humanoid). The humanoid where social skills are well advanced and social structure was formed.
9. Buddha: (Modern human) The man who thinks and uses his brain power.
As an Atheist, what I see is correlation but the stories associated with them are for kids before bed time.

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  1. Well said, I totally agree with you. Atheista hi-five